Projects that prove combining speed and quality isn't a myth

Here are 3 applications I developed very quickly, all the while resulting in a fast and responsive application.


sneat : an application for the last minute booking of the most praised Parisian restaurants

Making the most of Facebook technology (React Native), I have been able to develop and benefit from a fast and responsive application all at once. Here's what I came up with:

  • Notifications to let you know when a table is free at the restaurant
  • Search by geolocation
  • Highly frequent application updates
  • and much more…

If you have 5 minutes to view my work, download the application (currently in iOS only).


Development of a mobile application in 9 days

This customer needed me to rapidly build a prototype to undergo market testing. Owing to my 10 years of experience as a developer, I managed it! Here's what I was able to draw up:

  • A geolocation feature that allows you to see people around you, even if their app is offline
  • Uploading a profile picture

If you have 5 minutes, feel free to download the app iOS or Android.

Customer feedback

Maxime Vitrey

"I needed to rapidly create an application. Xavier outreached my expectations by creating it in record time!"


A platform for communication between doctors and patients.

The core of the docdok.health application is a direct and secure communication channel through which patients can communicate with their doctors. I took care of the development of the mobile application in its entirety as well as the implementation of the build chain with a high quality constraint.

See app iOS or Android.

Customer feedback

Tomi Schütz

"Xavier is a great professional which specialises in mobile development. I am looking forward to work with him in the future again."