Need to quickly develop a high-end mobile app?

Benefit from my expertise and selection of solutions to equip yourself with a native iOS and Android application - faster than traditional mobile development. All this with great quality, drawing on my 10 years of experience.
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Some Success Stories

Making the most of Facebook technology (), I have been able to develop and benefit from a fast and responsive application all at once. Here's what I came up with:
9 days to develop an application
App with notification & payment
A platform for communication between doctors and patients.
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My work is used by thousands of developers worldwide

I take part in improving React Native technology and am involved in the community.

5 steps to increase your application's chances of success and launch it as quickly as possible

Inspired by lean-agile methods


You introduce me to your project

I advise you by selecting the features best tailored to your needs.

You test my skills

with a satisfaction or money-back guaranteed assessment day.

I develop the first, simplified version of your project for you

focusing on the most important features to get a quick grasp of your idea

We continuously strive together to improve your mobile application

notably by drawing on user feedback.

It is possible to combine speed and quality?

here is the opinion of a successful startup's technical manager

Xavier is able to very rapidly develop complex features and manage the various issues relating to a project by himself. I particularly appreciated: his timeliness, his pragmatism and good ideas, his clear coding and attention to detail. - Alex Hajjar LegalStart CTO


"Xavier is a great professional who specializes in mobile development. I am looking forward to working with him in the future again."
Tomi Sch├╝tz CTO at AG
"Xavier is willingly available and very pleasant. He always comes up with bright ideas and is always on the lookout for detail and cutting-edge technology."
Alix O'byrne Product Line Marketing Manager at LaFourchette
"I needed to rapidly create an application. Xavier outreached my expectations by creating it in record time!"
Maxime Vitrey Papott CEO
"Xavier is genuinely impressive, rigorous and always on call to improve the application. We are 100 % satisfied with his service."
Benjamin Albarede Wine Republik CEO

Show and tell for React Native developers

I take part in the React Native developers community by providing helps services like React Native Gallery website.

How can you work with me?

I favour collaboration with start-ups driven by an innovative idea (and willing to pay the fair value of an experienced developer). Is that you? If so, I'd be delighted to work on your project!
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